Mistakes are Free. So is the Loving.


A nationally recognized relationship coach in the field for over two decades, Heide intuitively coaches clients to release and heal relationship patterns while helping them explore what it is like to love and live like they have never been hurt. From her home base in California, she brings her multi-faceted and trained expertise to clients all over the world.

Heide launched her career as a theater and TV producer developing and producing TV specials for HBO, Showtime and PBS. Discovering her real passion was helping people, Heide became a much in demand coach and an on-air Relationship and Health Expert. She has been featured on such programs as Oprah, ABC Primetime, The Bachelor, CBS’ The Early Show and Good Morning America, to name just a few.

Heide has contributed to several bestsellers including On Becoming Fearless by Arianna Huffington, Do It! A Guide to Living your Dreams, Finding your Soulmate, as well as The Chicken Soup for Your Soul series.

In addition to being an honored graduate of the University of Santa Monica and their groundbreaking program in Spiritual Psychology of which she holds an MA and an advanced degree in Consciousness, Health & Healing. Heide has spent over 30 years on her own spiritual path.

Dedicated to helping craft humanity, she has served as the official representative to the United Nations on behalf of the Center for Partnership Studies.